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LittleRawDeli Website

UI / UX Design, Logo Design

Gocus Mobile App

UI / UX Design

Linecheceker Mobile App

UI / UX Design, Logo Design

Petmigo Game

Game Art, 2D Animation, Game Design

Raw by Chris

UI / UX Mobile & Website Design

Petmigo Mobile App

UI / UX Design, Logo Desig

Petmigo Website

Website Design

Vivid Notebook

Graphic Design

PeepsOut Mobile App

UI / UX Design, Icon Design


UI / UX Design, Digital Painting


Logo Designs

Graphic Icons

Graphic Icons Designs


UI / UX Mobile Design

iOS + Android
native apps

UI / UX Web Design

Websites, Software, Responsive Design, Bootstrap, Wordpress, HTML5 + CSS3

Graphic Design

Icons, Logos, Packaging, Presentations

Game Artwork

2D Graphics,
Animations Sprints,
Flash / Mobile/ Web Games

Illustrations / Digital Painting

Vector / Digital Painting / Traditional Drawings, Portraits, Concept Art, Character Design,


Excellent communication skills

Some stuff about me

  • Avid reader as a kid

    Mythology, history, religions, sci-fi, fantasy, poems, Jules Verne, Dumas, Voltaire, Twain, Asimov, Sven Hassel... and pretty much anything that stirred my curiosity, sense of adventure and understanding of human psychology.

  • Sep 2006

    Founded a company, eventually went bankrupt

    Best lessons I ever lerned from hundreds upon hundreds of mistakes.

  • Aug 2008

    Learned HTML + CSS in 3 restless days

    Jumped on w3schools and learned and applied every single page and function found there, then coded my first website. Of course, that only gave me knowledge and understanding, experience and efficiency came later on and that was a different and much longer battle (Damn you ie6!).

  • Jan 2009

    Founded an NGO for youth education

    Being part of a team that developed projects from which over 1000 children in need benefited was one of the most rewarding things I ever did.

  • 2011-2013

    Drawing Time

    Started drawing and digital painting in my free time, learning perspective, anatomy, composition...

  • Sep 2013

    World Traveling

    I've booked 4 plane tickets, put on a backpack and headed to Istanbul. Then Dubai, New Delhi, Bangkok, Phnom Phen and tens of other cities. I traveled for 15 months and visited 13 countries, from exotic beaches to rural mountains and crowded cities. I met the most amazing people and had some crazy experiences, all while working remotely as a freelancer.

  • Aug 2014

    TechHub Speaker

    I was invited to speak at a TechHub conference about “Start-ups and Distributed Teams Around the World”. I was in Vietnam at that time and had the conversation remotely.

  • Jan 2015

    Health & personal development

    I started going to the gym 5-6 days a week. I completely changed my diet, fully removing junk food and sodas, and started to cook daily. I improved my discipline, focus and productivity. Started to read a lot more, mostly leadership, business and self improvement books. I do all this every day still.

  • 19 Jan 2016

    Happy Birthday Mom!

    Hugged the best mom in the world for her birthday.

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