I'm A.Mircea


LittleRawDeli Website

UI / UX Design, Logo Design

Gocus Mobile App

UI / UX Design

Linecheceker Mobile App

UI / UX Design, Logo Design

Petmigo Game

Game Art, 2D Animation, Game Design

Raw by Chris

UI / UX Mobile & Website Design

Petmigo Mobile App

UI / UX Design, Logo Desig

Petmigo Website

Website Design

Vivid Notebook

Graphic Design

PeepsOut Mobile App

UI / UX Design, Icon Design


UI / UX Design, Digital Painting


Logo Designs

Graphic Icons

Graphic Icons Designs


UI / UX Mobile Design

iOS + Android
native apps

UI / UX Web Design

Websites, Software, Responsive Design, Bootstrap, Wordpress, HTML5 + CSS3

Graphic Design

Icons, Logos, Packaging, Presentations

Game Artwork

2D Graphics,
Animations Sprints,
Flash / Mobile/ Web Games

Illustrations / Digital Painting

Vector / Digital Painting / Traditional Drawings, Portraits, Concept Art, Character Design,


Excellent communication skills

Some stuff about me

  • Avid reader as a kid

    Mythology, history, religions, sci-fi, fantasy, poems, pshychology, Jules Verne, Dumas, Voltaire, Twain, Sven Hassel... and pretty much anything that stirred my curiosity, sense of adventure and understanding of human psychology.

  • Sep 2006

    Founded a company and went bankrupt

    Learned a thousand lessons from a thousand mistakes.

  • Aug 2008

    Learned HTML + CSS in 3 restless days

    Jumped on w3schools and went through every single page and function found there, then coded my first website.

  • Jan 2009

    Founded an NGO for youth education

    Together with a great team we developed projects which benefited over 1000 children in need. To this day it is one of the most rewarding things I ever did.

  • 2011-2013

    Drawing Time

    Started drawing and digital painting in my free time, learning perspective, composition and anatomy.

  • Sep 2013

    World Traveling

    I've booked 4 plane tickets, put on a backpack and headed to Istanbul. Then Dubai, New Delhi, Bangkok, Phnom Phen and tens of other cities. I traveled for 15 months and visited 13 countries, from exotic beaches to rural mountains and crowded cities. I met the most amazing people and had some crazy experiences, all while working remotely as a freelancer.

  • Aug 2014

    TechHub Speaker

    I was invited to speak at a TechHub conference about “Start-ups and Distributed Teams Around the World”. I was in Vietnam at that time and had the conversation remotely.

  • Jan 2015

    Health & personal development

    I started going to the gym 5-6 days a week. I completely changed my diet, fully removing junk food and sodas, and started to cook daily. I improved my discipline, focus and productivity, and started to read a lot more.

  • 19 Jan 2016

    Happy Birthday Mom!

    Hugged the best mom in the world for her birthday.

  • 2018

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competitions

    I finished 2018 with 8 gold medals, 2 silver and 1 bronze, and also won the National Belt League for my division, with 25 wins and 3 loses.

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